From December 1st to December 3rd 2021, Innocent Idibia pka 2Baba was in Kigali, Rwanda, to lend his voice, influence and funds to raising funds for Internally Displaced Persons and Refugees.y

The forum – 36 Million Solutions: Africa Private Sector Forum on Forced Displacement – which was organized by the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) was well attended by private sector professionals from all over the world. 2Baba spoke passionately about how committed he is to the plight of people who were forced to flee their homes due to conflict or natural disasters. He said,

“… However I am human. I am a father. A brother. A son. A friend. A neighbor. And I want to be these things to the people who are victims of conflicts and natural disasters, and have been forced to flee their homes. I am committed to playing my role in making this situation better. My appointment as goodwill ambassador for the UNHCR is one that I take very seriously. I am committed to helping raise funds and awareness for the cause of refugees and IDPs all over the world.”

Africa hosts the highest number of people forcibly displaced worldwide: 36 million people. These 36 million African people represent potential, possibility, and opportunity.